Community Leads.

David Kirk

Professor of Digital Living. Interests: Human-Building Interaction; Design for the (Smart) Home; Interactive products; memorialisation and archives

John Vines

Professor of Design. Interests: Participatory design; digital civics; technology in later life (older age)

Lynne Coventry

Professor of Psychology. Interests: Digital technology for health; psychology and communication technology; technology acceptance


Abigail Durrant

Associate Professor. Interests: Digitally-mediated self and identity; digital health; major life transitions; memorialization and cultural visiting; human rights media.

Adrian Clear

Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow. Interests: HCI for sustainability in various domains including thermal comfort, energy, and food futures.

Andrew McNeill

Lecturer. Interests: Health information and social media

Christina Vasiliou

Lecturer. Interests: Computer-supported collaborative learning and cooperative work; development and evaluation of shared workspaces.

Ed Hyatt

Senior Lecturer. Interests: Adventuring; Information retrieval; Human-Data Interaction; interaction-in-the-wild

Guido Noto La Diega

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Law and Intellectual Property. Interests: Internet of Things, blockchain, robotics, machine learning, intellectual property, cyber law, privacy, data protection, GDPR

James Nicholson

Lecturer. Interests: Cybersecurity and privacy, including usable security, usable authentication, social engineering, and inclusive cybersecurity.

Jayne Wallace

Professor of Craft and Wellbeing. Interests: Digital Jewellery; Sense of Self; Dementia; End of Life; Digital Ongoingness; Craft; Wellbeing.

John Rooksby

Lecturer. Interests: Digital Health and Well-being; Lived Informatics

Kay Rogage

Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow. Interests: Building Information Modelling (BIM), Machine Learning, Human-Building Interaction

Lars Erik Holmquist

Professor of Innovation. Interests: Ubiquitous computing; design driven innovation process; location-based services; interactive television and augmented reality

Lisa Thomas

Senior Lecturer. Interests: Life transitions; managing online identities; loneliness and wellbeing in students; digital resources for student mothers

Liz Sillence

Senior Lecturer. Interests: Psychology of communication, health psychology, digital technology for health

Mark Blythe

Professor in Interdisciplinary design. Interests: Design ethnography

Marta Cecchinato

Lecturer. Interests: productivity and wellbeing; information management – managing emails, interruptions, and work-home boundaries

Martyn Amos

Professor. Interests: Simulation, crowds, synthetic biology, natural computing.

Matt Pointon

Senior Lecturer. Interests: Mobile and ubiquitous computing; User Experience; User testing; Information Retrieval; Eye-tracking

Nick Dalton

Associate Professor. Interests: architecture and HCI; Space Syntax; Very large-scale user interfaces – public displays, VR, table-sized multitouch surfaces

Pam Briggs

Professor of Applied Psychology. Interests: Identity, trust and security in new social media; Computer-mediated communication

Paul Vickers

Associate Professor. Interests: Sonification and auditory display, especially of scientific data

Perla Innocenti

Senior Lecturer. Interests: Cultural heritage, museum studies, cultural informatics, library and information science

Santosh Vijaykumar

Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow. Interests: mobile and social media interventions for addressing global health challenges with a focus on tropical and infectious diseases

Shaun Lawson

Professor of Social Computing. Interests: Social media, and other digital services, for health and wellbeing, politics and activism, and sustainability

Steve Gibson

Associate Professor in Innovative Digital Media. Interests: Motion-tracking, live audio-visuals, physical computing, art-science collaboration, experiential design.


Caroline Claisse

Research Associate. Interests: Interaction, tangible interaction, cocreation, research through design, craft, care, multisensory design, digital health, heritage.

Daniel Harrison

Senior Research Assistant. Interests: Digital health and wellness, personal informatics, self-tracking, behaviour change.

Gavin Wood

Research Assistant. Interests: Collocated Play; Playful design; Digital Playing Out; IxD; Extended Realities (VR/AR); Computer Graphics; Mobile Development

Tom Feltwell

Senior Research Assistant. Interests: interaction technology, chatbots, second-screening, social computing, game design, critical design, game analytics

PhD Students.

David Verweij

Interests: Internet of Things, Physical Computing, Do-it-Yourself, Research through Design, Voice User Interfaces

Dmitry Dereshev

Interests: Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robots, In the Wild Research

Selina Sutton

Interests: Speech; Public Online Video; Social Media; Voice User Interfaces; Emoji.

Simran Chopra

Interests: Sustainability, Futuring, Design Fiction, Food Systems, Grassroots Communities