Balance Network

Digital technologies are changing our personal lives, the way we work, and the interplay between the two. The Balance Network aims to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to research and practice relating to Work-Life Balance issues within the Digital Economy. It offers a framework for network members to communicate, share experience and practice, nurture and explore […]


Challenging online feaR And OtheRing Cultures of fear can be propagated, either deliberately or unwittingly, by a wide range of agents including the media, government, science, the arts, industry and politics. The ease with which fear can be generated means that today’s society remains inordinately fearful of improbable harms and dangers. A good deal of […]


The Digital Economy Research Centre (DERC) is an initiative led by Newcastle University, with a broad Digital Civics agenda. A number of Northumbria staff are investigators on the DERC project. The Digital Economy Research Centre (DERC)  aims to theorise, design, develop, and evaluate new digitally mediated models of citizen participation that engage communities, the third […]

Design Your Own Future

MakerSpaces and Fab Labs are open, publicly-accessible workshops, which provide people with access to cutting-edge tools and technologies (both digital and analogue), which they can use for completing design projects. These sites are commonly run as collectives, with equipment gifted or purchased from donations. Much as public libraries serve to educate a resource-impoverished public, MakerSpaces […]

Digital Living

Digital Living is a Multidisciplinary Research Theme (MDRT) at Northumbria University. The research theme is lead by Professor David Kirk (Professor of Digital Living) and coordinates the activities of a number of researchers across the schools of Computer and Information Science, Architecture and Built Environment, Design, Psychology and the Business School. The research associated with […]

Family Rituals

Family Rituals 2.0 critically considers the evolving nature of family life for people working away from home. How do mobile workers balance their work and life commitments? How does and could technology help and hinder this? This is a collaborative project with the University of the West of England, Bournemouth University and the Royal College […]

Loneliness In the Digital Age (LIDA)

Loneliness is one of the most significant challenges facing Western society in the 21st century. Not only does research suggest that 1 in 10 people are lonely, our radically transforming society threatens to make the situation significantly worse. Increasingly large proportions of our lives are being lived in online environments, more people are now working […]

Urban Living Partnership

The Urban Living Partnership pilot phase in Newcastle and Gateshead will diagnose the complex and interdependent challenges within the urban region, working collaboratively to co-design and implement initiatives and solutions in order to contribute to the life and development of the area. Led by Newcastle University and featuring project partners from across the Quadruple Helix […]

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