Tommy Dylan.


I’m a digital product designer, creative technologist, and researcher. My design approach has stemmed from a fascination with invention and working hands-on with both digital and craft materials – I love to tinker and build. As the internet of things develops around us I have come to see the value of this hands-on approach when looking to explore and understand the values we might want from everyday digital objects. Currently, I am a Senior Research Associate on the Playing Out out with IoT project at Northumbria University. The project aims to explore how kids (under 9’s) can be supported and encouraged to play outside more. I have been given the exciting task of designing and building physical-digital products in response to workshops and themes emerging so far in the project. During my PhD I developed a range of digital artefacts for the everyday lives of people with dementia in care, namely, Paper Street View and the Photo Scrabbler. Through design practice, I explored the ways in which crafted digital artefacts can support emotional aspects of well-being by providing meaningful, positive experiences. Instead of designing for practical aspects of care, I considered the potential for artefacts to support enchantment and curiosity by providing windows on the outside world.


Home Department: Design
Contact: [email protected]