Sam Nemeth.


Sam Nemeth started his career at community TV station Staats tv/Rabotnik in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated (doctorandus) in Film & TV studies at the University of Amsterdam and was editor of media magazine Skrien in the 1990s, where he specialized in videogames. He produced (camera and editing) artists’ portraits for the Stedelijk Museum (modern art) in Amsterdam. He directed tv programs and filmed and edited documentaries, mostly on art and technology. He worked for media labs like Waag in Amsterdam as content developer and head of communications. Nemeth worked until 2013 part-time as a lecturer/coach at the Industrial Design department of the Technical University Eindhoven. In 2015, he initiated ‘Ideas Travels’, a project that monitored Syrian refugees by means of WhatsApp. From October 2016 onwards, Nemeth is a PhD candidate at Northumbria University. In his research he is looking for alternative approaches in the Tangible Interface paradigm.

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Home Department: Design
Supervisors: Prof. Lars Erik Holmquist
Contact: [email protected]