Paul Vickers.


Paul Vickers is a computer scientist and a chartered engineer. His research focuses on data sonification, that is, how sound can be used to communicate data and information. He is particularly interested in the role of aesthetics in successful sonification design and how accounts of embodied listening experience can help to explain and understand how people interact with sonic representations of data, especially spatialised sonic representations. Paul is ineluctably drawn to the spaces between disciplines which he finds to be signally stimulating. To this end he works with visual artists, sonic artists, and composers as well as with other computer scientists and engineers on a variety of sonification research projects. In a complementary vein he is also working on the development of mathematical models to describe the foundations of visualization and sonification to allow comparisons of visualization and sonification processes at the syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic levels. Paul has even performed a stand-up comedy routine based on his sonification research at the Bright Club comedy event in Newcastle. He is currently Associate Professor of Computer Science and Computational Perceptualisation at Northumbria University in Newcastle


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