Nick Taylor.


Nick Taylor is an Associate Professor in the School of Design working at the intersection of design, technology and society. His research attempts to understand the impact of emerging technologies and practices, and imagine, prototype and explore possible preferable futures around those technologies.

His current research centres on trust in the Internet of Things, exploring how we can create healthier relationships with IoT by embedding values including privacy, openness, decentralisation, inclusion and literacy. He is also interested in how technology can support neighbourhoods and communities, especially for civic engagement, including making, DIY and craft approaches to technology, particularly to support people in harnessing technology for themselves. Throughout these research topics, he uses participatory methods combing a range of approaches from speculative design to long-term deployments of functioning prototypes ‘in the wild’. His current projects include OpenDoTT, a doctoral training programme run jointly with Mozilla, and REAPPEAR, which will develop new metaphors and design patterns to allow users to make informed decisions about privacy and security in IoT.


Home Department: School of Design