Nick Dalton.


Associate Professor. I have taught computing at UCL (University College London) and at The Open University. I have taught at all levels from beginners on foundation, to degree courses, to Masters courses and at PhD level. I also delight in supporting students with a range of disabilities including Dyslexia, Autism spectrum, and Deafness. I have written about Neurodiversity. I love communicating my joy of all things Digital to students and to the wider public – see my articles on the conversation.

I started programming my first Mac in 1987 and never looked back. I was drawn to Human Computer interaction as a programmer as it’s the most difficult and challenging of all types of software in all of computer science.

My research exists in the crossover between architecture and human computer interaction. This includes areas such as Space Syntax in theoretical architecture. My current research area is that of very large-scale user interfaces. This is any user interface which is larger than a person. For example this includes public displays, a digital wine shop, information sculptures, Virtual Reality, table sized multitouch group interaction. I am a founding member of NORSC (Northumbria social computing).

My current research looks at the use of body movements at standing desks to encourage better user interaction and fight a obesogenic environments in the workplace.

My PhD supervision currently includes looking at reconceptualising device user interfaces for people with diabetes. I’m always open to suggestions for Phd topics in my research area of large scale user interface

In my spare time I write iPhone and AppleWatch apps and publish Science Fiction on Wattpad.


Home Department: Computer and Information Science
Departmental Webpage: Here.
Contact: [email protected]