Marta Cecchinato.


Marta E. Cecchinato is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer and Information Science Department at Northumbria University. Prior to this, she has worked at the UCL Interaction Centre and at Microsoft Research in Cambridge (UK). She has a BSc (Hons) and MSc in Psychology from University of Padua (Italy) and a PhD in human-computer interaction from the UCL Interaction Centre. Her research focuses on understanding and promoting digital wellbeing. In particular, she is interested in the impact technology can have on productivity, and has developed interventions around work-life balance for various stakeholders, such as students, knowledge workers, and junior doctors. Her work on the complexities of dealing with digital technologies in everyday life was awarded best paper (CHI 2016, top 1%). More recently, she has been working on understanding how to improve students’ mental health through digital interventions and, separately, how to better support parental leave through digital technologies. In addition to her extensive publications, her work has been featured in academic and non-academic magazines, such as the New Scientist and IEEE Computer.

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