Lisa Thomas.


Lisa is a Senior Lecturer in PaCTLab. Since finishing her PhD in 2011, she has worked on three large multidisciplinary research projects- IMPRINTS, ReelLives and DERC. The IMPRINTS project aimed to understand the UK publics’ intentions to engage and/or disengage with identity management practices of the future. The ReelLives project explored digital data underpinning personhood, and the various ways that individuals could take ownership of their digital identity. More recently, the work undertaken as part of DERC (Digital Economy Research Centre) has focused on improving the digital provisions for volunteering services in the North East. Lisa is more broadly interested in life transitions, and the ways people manage these experiences in an online context. As well as her work exploring loneliness and well-being in students, Lisa is currently working on a project exploring the importance of digital resources for student mothers.


Home Department: Psychology
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Contact: [email protected]