Gavin Wood.


I am a research assistant on the EPSRC-funded “Playing Out with IoT” project (EP/P025544/1), led by Prof Shaun Lawson in the Department, which is exploring how new IOT technologies might encourage young people to play outside more.

I was awarded a PhD in 2018 where I explored how we can design interactive technologies that transform young people, places and relationships into platforms for new play experiences.

I have previously held positions as lead developer, graphics programmer and tools programmer in the game industry where I am credited on games including Lego Bionicle, Namco’s i-Ninja, PDC World Championship Darts, Cat Woman, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Power Drome. I use this experience to challenge design-thinking around games: that we make games that encourage more physical and social play, and move away from our reliance on screen-based experiences. I am also interested in Extended Reality experiences and how this new technology that can understand our movement will change the way we play.


Home Department: Computer and Information Science
Contact: [email protected]