Cameron Craggs.


My research & practice work revolve around utilising innovative technology for creative storytelling. Previous work history covers a broad scope of creative productions in a variety of roles for a host of organisations ranging from businesses, public sector organizations and individuals.

Currently undertaking an Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) backed, practically based, research PHD within Industrial Design at Northumbria University. Ran through the Northern Bridge Consortium and conducted in partnership with Proto: The Emerging Tech Centre, hosted by Cintel Global. “Recreating history through the use of immersive technology” we will be using Photogrammetry & Motion Capture in order to create an immersive experience telling the story & history of women’s boxing. 

Co-founder/Co-Director of creative design agency and immersive production company Cintel Global since September 2018, based out of Proto: The Emerging Technology Centre.

Previous work experience as a freelance Creative Director, Filmmaker, Photographer & Designer 2016-2018. Working with clients such as the NHS, Tesco Bank, BBC, CBBC, Channel Four, Isle of Man Festival of Steam, Northumbria, Newcastle, Sheffield & York Universities.

Commissioned artist as part of the N18 Development programme Great Exhibition of The North circa 2018. Previous collaborative project work with a diverse range of youth projects, minority groups and neurodivergent individuals with affective learning disorders.