Anne Spaa.


I am trained as an Industrial Designer at the University of Technology Eindhoven and have professional experience in service design gained at Muzus (The Netherlands) and Policy Lab (UK). At university, I focused my development on designing for health and speculative design. I have had the honour to show much of my product design work to the public through exhibitions, and have worked for public-facing design events, exhibitions, and conferences. As well as conducting my PhD at Northumbria University, I work for ACM Interactions magazine as assistant to the editors in chief, working to give others a platform to show their work. My current research interest lays in how design-led approaches transform professional practices to drive projects; making them more human-centered and opening them up to embrace question-led instead of solution-focused approaches. In my PhD, I look into how design-research practices are used at ‘the boundaries between policy making and human-computer interaction’, and aim to introduce HCI-inspired design methods to policy making.

More about me can be found on my personal website


Home Department: Design
Supervisors: Prof. John Vines, Assoc. Prof. Abi Durrant
Contact: [email protected]